Gobelins' Tapestries

Having been serving as Malta’s centre of power for some 450 years, the Magisterial Palace at Valletta is home to some of the most opulent ambiences in the Maltese Islands. Every square inch of its walls is covered with frescoes, fine drapes and exquisite works of art to impart a sense of grandeaur. Undoubtedly, the early 18th-century visitors must have mesmerised by the then newly acquired tapestries hanging in the Gran Council’s Hall. Donated by Ramon Perellos y Roccaful as part of his ‘ gioia’ or gift to the Order on being elected Grand Master, these 10 scenes representing exotic flora and fauna from the then newly discovered world. Fortunately, these survived practically intact and are considered the only complete and large format example of the ‘Les Tentures des Indes’ cycle produced by the world famous Gobelins Tapestry Manufactury in Paris.