Seminar about MUŻA

MUŻA, the new National Museum of Fine Arts at Auberge d’Italie will be the subject of a half-day seminar happening on Saturday 14 June at St James Centre for Creativity, Valletta commencing at 9.00 a.m.

MUZAThe seminar will present the MUŻA project and its vision. It also includes four workshops inviting participants to actively discuss select topics and themes. Participants are expected to register for these workshops on email or by calling Heritage Malta’s National Museum of Fine Arts on 21225769.

MUŻA is Heritage Malta’s flagship project for Valletta Capital City of Culture title in 2018. The acronym stands for Muzew tal-Arti (National Museum of Fine Arts) but it is also the Maltese word for inspiration. The project aims to propose a new museum typology for Malta which is community-based and engages with varied audiences. 

This is the first in a series of events reaching out to all those interested in being part of this community-based project including creatives, connoisseurs, educators, academics, students, culture professionals and many, many others.