Aromas of an Island People Gift Set




  • Offer:  Flavours of Spring Recipe Book + Jar of Honey + MUŻA Tea Towel + Heritage Homes Candle + Heritage Malta Tote Bag
  • Price:  €30 (including delivery across Malta and Gozo)
  • Tagline: Heritage comfort this Christmase:
  • Description:       Heritage in your hearth and home this Christmas with the scents and flavours of the Maltese Islands. Gift this delightful box set consisting of: (1) Flavours of Spring: Fresh off the press, the mouth-watering recipes in this Heritage Malta cookbook are easy to prepare, featuring familiar, seasonal, and easy-to-source local ingredients and produce; (2) A jar of Heritage Malta’s award-winning Honey; (3) A branded MUŻA Tea Towel, to art-fully wipe your dishes; (4) A fragrant Heritage Homes Candle; (5) An iconic Tote Bag to carry your heritage with you wherever you go


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