Bookworms’ Gift Set




  • Offer:   Roman Architecture in Malta   + Treasures of Gozo   + Storja tal-Ilsien u l-Letteratura Maltija + Heritage Malta Tote Bag
  • Price:   €60 (including delivery across Malta and Gozo)
  • Tagline:  Travel back in time this Christmas
  • Description:  Indulge the bibliophile in your family with these Heritage Malta and beautifully illustrated hardback tomes: (1) Roman Architecture in Malta: What did the ancient temple of Astarte at Tas-Silġ really look like? Which strategic promontory on Malta featured a temple to Herakles, and what was the function of each of the exquisitely mosaic floored rooms in the Domvs Romana?; (2) Treasures of Gozo: Just when you thought there was nothing left to discover on this tiny isle, then this publication comes along! A historical treasure-trove of sumptuously photographed landmarks, heritage trails, and curiosities, most of them unknown to the general public; (3) Damma: Storja tal-Ilsien u l-Letteratura Maltija, Kronoloġija : A scrupulously compiled chronology spanning 8 centuries. This comprehensive compendium features numerous curiosities like its first direct reference to the Maltese Language and the first public address in Maltese during a politcal manifestation; (4) We’ve also added an iconic Heritage Tote Bag to ensure you never leave home without a book in hand.


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