Hardbound A6 HM Notebooks – Offer x15



Dimensions:                 16 x 11 cm

Recommended Age:    10-15 years

  • Arabesque Motif
  • Eight-Pointed Cross

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  • Glided Shield
  • Inlay Motif
  • Twin-Seated Figurine
  • Blue Rock Thrush
  • Gozo Citadella
  • Roman Mosaic
  • Tarxien Altar
  • Dwarf Hippo
  • Maiolica Tile
  • Panel Motif
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  • €3.25 per notebook for a minimum order of 15 notebooks
  • Hardbound A6 HM Notebooks – Offer x15


  • Keeping a notebook handy is always useful. Choose from a selection of 12 colourful notebooks, each with their own cultural theme and description (in English). Rear inside cover includes a map and details of all Heritage Malta’s museums and sites.

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Weight 2355 g
Dimensions 11 × 16 cm


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