Msida Creek – Carmelo Mangion

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  • Carmelo Mangion is a pioneer of Modern Art in Malta. Mangion studied under Edward Caruana Dingli as there were no schools of art in the early 20th century. In 1926, he continued his studies in Rome where he enrolled at the British Academy of Art. Two years later, Mangion travelled to Paris which at the time was a cultural hub and later moved to New York. Here Mangion enrolled at the Grand Central School of Art where he mastered the techniques of etching and the print medium.

    ‘Msida Creek’ is an example of the artist’s unconventional rendering of the Maltese seascape. Oil pigment is diluted to lend itself to a sketchy effect. The diluted paint drips as Mangion painted in an upright position. He then applied thicker colour to allow the brilliancy of the scene to come out. Different hues of green, red and yellow are the predominant colours used with touches of light blue, while manifesting recognisable components such as the church cupola and the boat. ‘Msida Creek,’ characterised by the free and bold use of colour, reveals a similarity to Fauvist and Expressionist brushwork. This representation is a consequence of his studies in Rome, Paris and New York.


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