Pioneers of Modern Art in Malta – Vol. II


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ISBN                978-99932-57-71-4

Dimensions    29.4 x 25 cm

Inside Pages   coated paper, full colour

No of Pages     436

Cover               hardback, with dust jacket


Mainly covering the middle decades of the 20th century, this volume offers a comprehensive overview of the then rapidly changing art scene in the Maltese Islands. By 1960, Maltese aspiring artists were encouraged to furthered their artistic studies in the United Kingdom rather than Italy. British art schools were particularly thought provoking. Instead of focusing on the mastery of technique and the capturing of realistic effects that were so essential to Roman schools, the British schools promoted a new language of art that investigated issues thoroughly before even making the first sketch or drawing. This approach was instrumental in bringing about a general transformation in the local artistic expression that was to upset the previous long-lasting structure that had also served as a model for Malta’s School of Art.

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