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  • Willie Apap was an important 20th-century artist who contributed immensely to Malta’s Modern Art period. From a young age, his artistic talents were already evident. After studying at the Malta Government School of Art, he won a scholarship that allowed him to pursue his artistic training in Rome. After the Second World War, he travelled extensively earning him international repute.

    Apap paints the ‘Benedizione’ basing his subtly abstract narrative on a passage from the Bible, John VIII 3-11. A beam of white light descends from the sky and places emphasis on the spiritual encounter between Christ and the sinner, Mary Magdalene, at his feet. The elongation of the figure of Christ enhances his elegant, almost ascetic, presence. He stands tall because he is divinity incarnate while the adultress, her face hidden in shame, is contrastingly collapsed and bent by immoral acts.

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Dimensions 55 × 73 cm


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