Slipcase for Issues 1-10 + Issue 11 (Autumn 2020)


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  • Free Tesseræ 11 with every Slipcase purchased (Limited offer)
  • Slipcase for Issues 1-10 + Issue 11 (Autumn 2020)
  • Deluxe slipcase for the first 10 issues of Tesserae.
  • Tesseræ 11’s conservation features are on the technique of gilding on stone and the Main Guard murals. Other articles delve into the history of the Maltese Parliament archives, the safeguarding and interpretation of Għar Dalam, various historical medical collections, 18th-century quarantine in Malta, temporary exhibitions held at HM’s Gozo Area Exhibitions Hall, and UCUH’s digitisation of underwater artefacts.  The short articles appraise the acquisition of Mattia Preti’s Boethius and Philosophy, the Otto Settembre pamphlet collection from HM’s archives, the caring of plaster casts within the national collection, the launch of an online encyclopedia on cultural and natural heritage, as well as the curator’s pick of a Maltese 18th-century bobbin lace skirt. Tesserae 11 is also available in e-book version

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Dimensions 20.5 × 8 × 26 cm


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