The Great Siege of Malta Map


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Print:                47 x 47 cm

Folder:             48 x 48 cm

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A full colour print of the 16th– century frescoed Great Siege Map of the Melita panel situated at the Gallery of Maps in the Vatican. Pope Gregory XIII’s cosmographer, Egnazio Danti, was commissioned to design the frescoes along the 120m long walls, and the vaults of this gallery. Danti’s Melita and the Great Siege fresco, measuring 3m in height and 1.39cm in width, is divided in two sections; one showing an aerial view of the island while the other focusing on the epic battle which took place in 1565. The latter has been reproduced on superior 300g Conqueror Connoisseur paper by the Salesians of Don Bosco in collaboration with Heritage Malta.

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Dimensions 48 × 48 cm


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