Zeus Luxury Gift Box (for Him)




  • Offer:  18th-century Malta at a Glance Map and accompanying Publication  + Stainless Steel Cufflinks
  • Price:  €100 (including delivery across Malta and Gozo)
  • Tagline:  Bespoke heritage gifts for discerning gentlemen
  • Description:  Harking back to an era of elegant pursuits and refined tastes, this curated set consists of: (1) 18th-century Malta at a Glance Map and accompanying Book: A unique manuscript map from the National Collection comprising a detailed plan of the Grand Harbour defences, and intriguing views of Valletta and Gozo’s Rabbato. It also lists all casali or rural parishes, and marks the respective havens and defending works; (3) A pair of exclusive Stainless Steel Cufflinks: Elegant accessories that add a touch of class during the festive season and on special occasions.



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