Storja bl-Arti ? An Art Story

Throughout the last three years Heritage Malta has been busy acquiring works of art for the National Collection. Some were purchased thanks to special Government funds. Others were purchased by Heritage Malta or presented as a donation. These include masterpieces and works by the up-and-coming, paintings by forgotten artists and those which stand for recent trends in Maltese art.

A selection from these recent acquisitions now features in a bi-site exhibition at the Auberge d’Italie and the National Museum of Fine Arts. The selection has been showcased in a novel way. Most of the works are being shown together for the first time. The display deliberately tells stories through the selection of works and some explore the same themes and subjects across time irrespective of style.

During the official presentation of the exhibition held on Friday 28 September, the Hon. Mario de Marco highlighted Heritage Malta?s role in sustaining awareness of Malta’s rich cultural heritage. Acquisitions hold significant weight towards the appreciation of Malta’s historical heritage. This exhibition also showcases contemporary art works that will form part of our cultural heritage in the future, Dr de Marco said.

?Storja bl-ArtiAn Art Story’ will be open to the public at Auberge d’Italie and at the National Museum of Fine Arts, until Friday 12 October.

For further information, please call Heritage Malta on 22954000.