Unique opportunity to purchase a limited edition of a Sebastiano Pauli historical map

Heritage Malta has just issued a limited edition of 250 re-strikes pulled from the original plate (with only 200 being released for sale) of a map by Sebastiano Pauli on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage.

The title of the map is ISOLE di MALTA e GOZZO found inside a seashell cartouche on the right at upper centre. It depicts the islands of Malta, Gozo, Comino, Cominotto and Filfla and shows detailed place names and the Wignacourt aqueduct stretching along the whole width of the island. The north of the island is described as Parte Disabitata (uninhabited area) and further north as Chersoneso (arid and dry). It also has a compass rose and a banner at the top with a quote from the book of Isaiah, Chapter 24, verse 15 of the Old Testament: [Propter hoc in doctrinis glorificate (For this you are instructed to glorify)] In insulis Maris Nomen D[omi]ni Dei Israel (the name of the Lord of Israel in the isles of the Sea).

This very rare map which is unusually oriented north-west is found in Vol. 2 facing page 502, of the two-volume work written by Sebastiano Pauli (1684−1751). The title of the work is Codice Diplomatico del Sacro Militare Ordine Gerosolimitano oggi di Malta raccolto da varj documenti di quell’archivo, per servire alla Storia dello stesso Ordine in Soria e illustrato con una serie cronologica de’ Gran Maestri, che lo governarono in quei tempi, con alcune notizie storiche, Genealogiche, Geografiche, ed altri osservazioni and was published in Lucca by Salvatore and Giandomenico Marescandoli, 1733−1737. It is dedicated to Grand Master Fra Manoel de Vilhena (1722−1736).

The map is being sold at the one-time opportunity price of €250.

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