‘Valletta – My City, My Story’ publication launch

For the occasion of Valletta 2018 as the European Capital of Culture, Heritage Malta launched the book, ‘Valletta – My City, My Story’.

This book narrates the early years of Valletta, and its inhabitants, which are brought back to life as the reader wanders through the beautiful streets, buildings, squares and ruins that dot the city; stories that will make you proud of your heritage. The narration is done by none other than Grand Master Jean Parisot de Valette.

This book transports the readers back to when the Ottomans left the island, and the Maltese and the Knights were not only faced with devastation and lack of resources but also with an urgent need to rebuild the ravaged fortifications in case of another siege in the following months. De Valette with his sense of duty, and humorous narratives, guides the readers through what actually went through the hearts and minds of those who built this city, nowadays recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

‘Valletta – My City, My Story’ is the first of a series of four books dedicated to the walled cities of Malta. It is also a hybrid between a resource for Year 9 students in line with the national curriculum and a generic work on Valletta, therefore appealing to the general public, local and foreign.

A representative number of students and history teachers were in attendance and after the presentation, these same students had a guided tour of some of the buildings/properties highlighted in the same book.

These and other Heritage Malta publications can be purchased from the respective museum shops run by the Agency and from leading bookstores in Malta and Gozo. For further enquiries contact education@heritagemalta.org