What is the impact of alien and invasive species?

The monthly meeting which is being held this Friday, 26th April, at the National Museum of Natural History, Mdina, will continue on the topic which was introduced last month; alien and invasive species.

While in March, the event focused on the Mediterranean region as a whole, this time it will concentrate on the Maltese Islands. The discussion shall explore the intentional and accidental release of varies species of animals like snails, spiders, snakes and cats. Explanations will be given as to why these exotic creatures are harmful to the ecosystems, whether we can control or eradicate them, and whether this would lead to any implications?

The public is invited to join and voice its views. Wine and nibbles will be served after the lecture.

Location: Activity Hall (ground floor) at the National Museum of Natural History in Mdina.

Time: 18.30 – 20.00 hrs.

Entrance is free, however, donations for the upkeep of the museum will be appreciated.